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Modern bedroom decoration


Brown is the best color when you want a modern bedroom interior design. It is beautiful. It is modern. And it is contemporary. The modern bedroom interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design always has the best colors. In this bedroom, you will notice the stunning brown color combination all throughout the modern bedroom interior design. Different shades of browns were used in order to show the beauty of the modern bedroom interior design. 

From the beds to the cabinets, brown was heavily utilized to turn this simple room into a modern bedroom interior design. The bed has a gray and white accent which helps elevate the brown interior design. The bedframe along with the walls behind it is extremely beautiful as well with its simple lines.

The bathroom has a very unique feel to it. The gold accents add to the luxury vibes of this modern bedroom interior design making a super beautiful and relaxing bathroom. The marble finish is very elegant and the sink also shows modernism and luxury ambiance.

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