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Luxury and Style – An Artistic Furniture Design Collection


With great cooperation and partnership with Minotti Furniture collection, The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been successfully executed different Interior design developments with a combination of art and style in every furniture design and complete interior design set up. Minotti furniture has been finally debuting and features the latest design collection that will fill in every interior design with Luxury and style. This collection includes seating systems, armchairs, tables, chairs, and complementary pieces. The entire collection is inspired with the greatest mood, informed by the atmosphere transported through the contextualization of every furniture design in the most sophisticated architectural settings, on the creation of unique wall decorations, on the expedition for original combinations of materials and colors, and on styling. Each detail contributes to the art of a brand design involvement that leaves an incredible design impression.


Every Interior design develops according to a succession of environments that suggest different interpretations of the character pieces of the spaces which hold the dramatic effect which culminates with the grand living room at the end. The proper selection of furniture style and in the room faithfully replicates, but on an oversized scale, which is specially designed for residential and commercial projects. This collection was indeed a new decorative code that marks Minotti’s setting, At the same time modern, bright, graphic and incisive, it reinterprets the different stylistic languages of the Luxury Antonovich designers.


This Luxurious Furniture Design Collection was indeed the greatest reflection of style and glamour that provides the full artistic and trendy furniture design arrangement in every interior design. So if you are looking for a more luxurious furniture design arrangement with a special touch of art and creativity, the Minotti Furniture collection is the best choice to complete your interior design requirement. With the great development and implementations by Luxury Antonovich Design Team, your home will be perfectly transformed into the most amazing and stylish interior design setting that you are always dreaming of. 

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