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We will help you to choose the perfect option. The selection of the furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design can bring pleasure, as it is a creative process.

That is why we have our catalog with photos on our site where is presented a wide range of furniture for the dining room. This section includes the best offers; here you will find products of the best world producers, who have the best ratings and recommendations.

Luxury Antonovich Design offers to buy a dining room furniture at a price that perfectly matches to its quality.

Dining room furniture

An integral part of any home or luxurious apartment is a dining room. The dining room is part of the house, where the various celebrations are often organized, so it is important that it will be comfortable in the dining room. Therefore, you should carefully choose the furniture set for the dining room. When choosing an ensemble of the dining room, there are no restrictions. However, you should not forget about the styling of the room. Just when choosing ensemble, it is important not to forget that the room is a place where the whole family is gathered, and the furniture for the dining room will serve you for many years.

At will, you can place a variety of additional pieces of furniture in the dining room: windows, chairs, tables, mirrors, that will allow to feel even more comfortable in the dining room. You should pay attention to the materials from which the furniture was made for the dining room and to the quality of fixtures, the assembly of the furniture. The managers and designers of Luxury Antonovich Design will help with pleasure to choose the furniture for the dining room.

Contemporary dining room furniture

The center of the dining room around which everyone gathers is a table. There are plenty of tables, which differ with a size, shape, material from which they are made. For example, if we talk about the size, it is the most practical table 160x190. If the table is expanded, then this increases the size and changes the shape, the square is transformed into a rectangular and round to oval. Aside from that, the table should be designed for the severe loads, for the security of an exploitation. You can see the models from the glass instead tables, which are made from the wood. Everything depends on the interior style. We should not forget about the chairs. If you bought a gorgeous table, the chairs must be also suitable. They should be beautiful, comfortable, and the quality of their production should be at the same level. An additional decoration of the dining room can be a buffet, where is not only convenient, but also beautiful to place the dishes, different souvenirs. Finally, l would like to emphasize one but very important detail. The main thing is an elite furniture for the dining room, various accessories, decoration of the room will be decorated in the same style, but not so that every part of the room conflicts with the other.

Traditional dining room furniture

For many, a dining room in the house is not only the room in which you eat. In addition, it is a place where there are meetings with friends, birthday parties, cooking of the meals with whole family, a relaxation at the family tea party. Therefore, it is important to create coziness and comfort there. You should buy furniture for the dining room conveniently. The dining room interior is separated as the separate direction. Combining the dining area with living room; you can visually expand the space and create your own individual interior. A living room furniture will help you with this. The solid table will demonstrate loyalty to family traditions and wealth. More sophisticated table will accentuate the tendency of owners to Romanticism. The chairs are the second most important representatives of the furniture in our room. They are produced with chair back, with soft or hard seats. The material that is easily cleaned is used for the soft furniture.

The cupboards where you can store the different things will complement excellent the interior. Usually, they are made with glass shelves and doors, where through the beautiful tableware and accessories will be visible. Do not forget about the mirror, which is very appropriate in the canteens, especially in the small. Thanks to this mirror, the room space is increased, the light is added. The small paintings and artificial fruits in a vase will be the excellent decoration. There is no limits to the flight of your imagination.

Minimalism, rococo, romanticism, classics - you can recreate these and other styles with the help of products which are presented on our website. Choose now, and create a unique interior for your home tomorrow.

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