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Luxurious Italy Furniture

Absolute Italian Furniture Collection By Luxury Antonovich Design

Our company for many years has supplied the elite furniture from Italy and other European countries. In our showroom, you can find furniture for the complete equipment of an apartment or a country house in any style: the kitchen, upholstered furniture, bedroom, living room, office, children's room, hall, various interior items… We are pleased to offer you a huge selection of furniture to order from catalogs, as well as a huge selection of custom-made furniture. Our showroom of Italian furniture aims to find the best combination of practical functionality and aesthetics of shapes and materials, to present a variety of styles and trends: simplicity and elegance, lightness and rigor, urban and rural entourage, classical and minimalist.

Italian furniture always attracts public interest. This is a classic style with the charm and informality, it is not surprising why it has become really popular. This style is characterized by a highly decorative design, combining materials unusual for home furnishings - metal and marble, it is a combination of unique architectural design elements in creating a magnificent look and amazing durability. About a century, Italy is a trendsetter in furniture fashion throughout the world. Of course, the Italian furniture was popular long before this - for example, adorned the palaces of the Venetian doges or to shine in the most significant buildings of Rome. Elegance and sophistication, inherent in these products are always valued highly.

We also offer accessories to create a refined interior - sure that even small delicate items might emphasize the dignity and special elegance, which possesses elite furniture. We are glad to admit that in our salon, products offered in a wide range because we have many years of cooperation with leading furniture factories in Italy.

Very quickly you can buy any Italian furniture on our website via the Internet. After all, purchasing online helps you to save time, which is necessary in order to make the choice, because You will not need to go to malls, located in different parts of the city and, most importantly, to participate in the choice of furniture can the whole family. The cost of Furniture Italian factories is consistent with its level, although cost ranges quite widely. Typically, products intended for the general population with different income is slightly cheaper. Conversely, high quality, luxury furniture, custom-made, is more expensive. In the salon of Italian furniture, our consultants will offer you a variety of options for furniture that will allow you to keep within the planned budget and also, we have the year-round discount sales, with the help of which you can buy furniture of a higher level than you will be offered in other stores.

In any case, the Italian furniture will serve a very long time, which makes her purchase economically sound. Throughout the lifetime of, it will be one of the main decorations of an apartment that bring the most "highlight", which is so often lacking at the decoration of modern interiors. Directly from the warehouse of furniture and custom furniture from Spain and France. You can visit our showroom and see the product catalogs of furniture from Spain and France.

Luxury Antonovich Design always finds exactly the furniture that you need.

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