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You can add a lot of elegance and space to your simple home by using more neutral colors and adding one accent color to the mix, such as on a tiny accent wall or in an area rug. Don't let your small space limit your options for a good rug. A small rug will almost certainly make the space feel claustrophobic, whereas a large rug that occupies the majority of the floor space may have the opposite effect.  Take a cue from city planning and build up rather than out. Bookcases that reach the ceiling and a general mix of open and closed storage take up little floor space but work well for stacking books, plants, crockery, and miscellaneous items. Bring the focus upward, from your kitchen cabinets to your window treatments, so that nothing is crowded around the ground. If you don't have the funds for a large wall unit, a neat compact wall-mounted desk would suffice.

If you can flood a small space with natural light, it will appear to be 10 times larger. Unfortunately, most densely populated areas are accompanied by windows. However, there are ways to bring more light into your life. Placing a mirror opposite a window on a wall will help to bring in more natural light. Use neutral colors to reflect white light and translucent white window coverings to let light in while keeping creepers out. Choose brighter, light-reflecting colors if you have any say over the paint color in your tiny house to keep everything feeling open and breezy.

Consider lighting options for your Miami apartment, such as introducing softer mood lighting rather than relying on harsh overhead lighting. Lamps, reading lights, and fairy lights all cast shadows and shapes that make a room appear larger than it actually is. Is the light still too bright? For a stunning pop of color, drape a silky scarf over the top. Whitewashing everything is a common method for making a small space appear bright and new. Color can make a space appear suffocating, which can have the desired effect. Choose a rug to place the furniture on to create a tiered effect that adds space and balance. If you have hardwood floors, use a soft rug cushion beneath it to prevent slipping.

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