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Luxury Antonovich Design, an interior design, and furniture company with offices in Miami and New York has created some of the most beautiful furniture pieces that would work well in your home and in many parts of your house. Go through our photos and see some of the best designs that we have created for you. 

Our company has a huge range of cabinets and drawers that you can choose from. Each design is stunning and is perfect for any luxurious office. Here are some of our most recent works that you can see on this page:

Sibilia - a full black drawer with gorgeous gold accents

Sofia - a dark drawer in full beauty

Nine - a diamond dreamy cabinet

Tosca - a classic octagon cabinet

Cleofe - a long dark cabinet in three octagons

Marion - a cabinet in full line gorgeousness

Laure - an abstract full black and white beauty

Cornelia - a sophisticated black and white drawer

Odilia - a crystal gray cabinet

Diletta - a black stunning beauty cabinet

Olimpia - a black with gold hold

Zoe - a beautifully patterned cabinet with gold accents

For the bookcases, wardrobes and drink cabinets; we have also come up with designs that would suit your home!

Gilberto - a cool, tall white and classic bookcase

Leonardo - a beautiful diamond magnificence

Olimpia - a stunning clean black wardrobe

Tulia - an illusion gold wardrobe

Zoe - an astonishing gray and gold wardrobe

Tosca - a minimalist diamond wardrobe

Laure - a sophisticated black beauty

Nine - a gorgeous cross diamond design

Sibilla - a black and silver wardrobe

Marian - a black squared cabinet

Cleofe - a black octagon cabinet

Dining tables and colors are also some of Luxury Antonovich Design's core furniture.

Sibilia - a curve base black table

Olimpia - a minimalist beautiful table

Cleofe - a round stunning dining table

Marian - a beautiful clean black table

Tulia - a magnificent black round table

Tullia - a rectangular beautiful table

We have also gathered some of the most beautiful sofas, armchairs, and stools available in Miami and New York.

Gilberto - a long cream sofa

Delfina - a classic curve sofa

Violette - a four-seat minimalist sofa

Violette - a magnificent sofa in style

Nine - a clean white beautiful sofa and armchair

Girolamo - a stunning shiny sofa

Sofia - a playful colored long sofa

Gaia - a gorgeous dark colored sofa and armchair

Aside from the abovementioned furniture, Luxury Antonovich Design also has lighting capabilities that is available in the United States. Also, mirrors and accessories are available to be viewed. Scan over the photos to see your preferred style.

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