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How to Build a Luxury Salon Interior Design


Don't limit yourself to the traditional four walls when planning your area. Include the floors and ceilings in your design. Make your area feel more open by painting your rooms white or adding a colorful ceiling. And your customers will have something to gaze at while their hair is being washed. Stick to your aesthetic after you've decided on it. You want your Salon interior Design's overall design to flow together. Your stations should match if you want a shabby-chic entryway. If your waiting room is all black and white, continue the theme by interior design firms throughout the space. You don't want your clients to feel as if they've walked into a separate Salon interior Design when they move from one section to the next.

You want the flow to be just correct, just like the coherence of your room. Consider your environment from the perspective of a customer. Is your Salon interior Design's layout logical? When you walk in, is your waiting space at the front or towards the back? Do you want to bring your visitors to their washing stations and discuss their hair options first, or do you want to bring them to their station and discuss their hair options first? Match the way you want your Salon interior Design to operate with the way you want to decorate and create it.

You should also ensure that the area is suitable for your stylists. It's critical to get the amount of space surrounding each styling chair just right so you can optimize your footprint without having your stylists bump into one other all day. So, how much distance between Salon interior Design seats should there be? To offer stylists freedom to work and clients their personal space, our luxury interior designer recommend approximately 3 12 - 5 feet between seats.

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