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In every interior design arrangement, keep in mind that the flooring design shall not be overlooked or missed to decorate properly. As it is one of the major parts of every interior design area. Even styling the flooring should be perfectly matched with the interior design mood of the concept to achieve the perfect balancing and consistency in style. When it comes to full project executions, flooring is one of the major stages that requires a meticulous procedure of work that will create the proper balancing in all spaces, areas, and styles. At this stage, every parameter, scheme, measurement, and final flooring design are being very well studied and developed according to the full project requirement.



Antonovich Group is providing full services in developing every luxurious project, and interior design arrangement that will be consisting of a methodological task in performing the flooring design. Flooring design can be made up of a prestigious marble, artistic water jet, stylish tiles, solid hardwood, etc. Whatever the flooring design or materials that the project is requiring, Antonovich Group surely has it. One of the main decorations that can be arranged in every flooring is a magnificent carpet, as it will enhance the full flooring design and level up the complete interior design mood. There is also different types of carpets design which are made up of different compositions, materials, and style that will be suitabfor in diverse concept design of the interior.

Antonovich Group is also offering full services for the complete flooring design development, from the widest selections of carpet design customizing design, door-to-door deliveries, installation, and fixing to be able to achieve the most desirable flooring design arrangement. With Antonovich Group, every interior will surely achieve the most magnificent and stylish design with guaranteed premium class materials and the finest finishing.


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