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In the United States, the bathroom has evolved into a residential spa where you may totally rest in addition to receiving water treatments. Our Luxury Antonovich Design experts can utilize crystal chandeliers, put a soft recliner on exquisite legs, and even link the bathroom with the bedroom to decorate the space. It is fashionable to utilize non-standard furnishings, such as wooden parquet for the floor or to remove one of the brick walls and cover it with fine marble or designer mosaic. The installation of wooden cabinets for storing towels and other items, floor marble tiles, and a bathroom with legs are all part of the classic bathroom design. A crystal chandelier can be used in both traditional and contemporary settings. Luxury Antonovich Design has a wealth of design ideas, stylistic solutions, and ready-made projects to assist you in choosing a bathroom design.



Luxury Antonovich Design's bathroom design project aims to create an interior that is pleasant and comfortable to be in. Because of the high humidity in the bathroom, there are unique requirements for its design and fit-out. Despite this, the wide range of materials and design options allows you to build designer masterpieces and include not only plumbing but also ornamental things in your bathroom. Only a few pieces and design items from Luxury Antonovich Design can transform the bathroom, transforming it into a relaxing bathing salon.



The first piece of advice from our designers is to choose the room's main background. Dark colors should not be used in small bathrooms since they visibly shrink the space. White, beige, and other warm hues are perfect for the design of small bathrooms. If your bathroom has adequate space, don't be scared to play around with colors. For example, a bathroom with contrasting color schemes like black-and-white, bronze-beige, and azure-sandy looks highly impressive and elegant. When it comes to finishing materials, natural marble tiles are the greatest choice. It is easy to care for and has a lovely appearance. Today, marble tiles may be used to create stunning patterns that transform a bathroom in the United States into a true piece of art.

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