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Elite Commercial Establishment Meets the Luxurious World of Architecture and Design

Miami has been very well known for the splendid vicinity which is famous for its lively Architectural work of art, white sand, surfside hotels, and innovative Commercial Establishment. With this idea, we have come up with a great impression of creating a very magnificent cake shop design that will perfectly suit the mood of the location. It was always been a great pleasure to create a Commercial Interior Design though it is a very challenging job for the Team; it gives an extra privilege for every successful work that has been completed. Creating a Commercial Establishment shall always consider the focus from the Layout planning and developments, all the steps and stages for every progress of the project and the overall implementation.

This Commercial Establishment is a cake shop owned by a very special client that has also a naturally creative mind when it comes to design and decorations. What our Team does is to perfectly provide all the professional advice and proper developments for the entire improvements of the project. The Interior Design of this Commercial Establishment has been created in a very unique and organized style. As we have selected premium-class materials and spectacular displays and decorations. From the ceiling scheme, everyone will be amazed at how fascinating we have done the creative and stylish linings complemented the full crystal Chandelier. The neutral colors scheme of the entire area has been complemented with stylish gold linings and wooden paint display tables. Our Designers have managed to have a very comfortable waiting area with a very stylish and trendy look. From the exterior view of this Commercial Establishment, everyone will be amazed and feel the very welcoming appearance from the outside. The Team has been maximized all the spaces and areas to have the great balance divisions, as we have managed to provide an office area, pantry, sitting area for the employees while still sticking up with the wonderful design of the whole establishment.

Creating every Magnificent and Wonderful Commercial Establishment has been always our best inspiration to continue spreading all the Luxurious Architectural Design in the international Market.

Luxury Antonovich Design – the USA strongly believes that every success of a Commercial Establishment is not only depending on the services that they have provided; one of the most important compositions of it is the Great Unique Design and Decorations that completes the entire Establishment. And since that this cake shop has a very eye-catching Design and Decoration that everyone can immediately see from outside, once again we are very proud to say that we have exceeded the expectation of the Owner for the establishment. 

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