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Classic children's room

Luxurious Bedroom Design for Kids

Since that the interior design of this house has a full classical theme, all the areas are filled with artistic design and decorations that what makes the project completely luxurious. Even every kid’s bedroom happens to be chosen to have the same theme to be able to sustain the balance interior design for the full project. This Kids bedroom has been composed with a set of classical materials and furniture and some are custom made from the trusted international suppliers. A very Luxurious bed which is made up of high-class materials and fully leader texture design on the headboard is perfectly designed as the main feature of this bedroom. The entire walls are filled with an elegant design having neutral colors and decorative materials such as a very nice portrait and perfect selection of the finest fabrics for the curtains.

Classical Style Study Area for the Kids bedroom

As a part of the main requirement from the client in this kids bedroom design, The interior design team has managed to create a very spacious study area for this kids bedroom. This study area is more likely an office designed interior arrangement. However, the entire study area is full of the very nice arrangements of bookshelves and learning materials. A flat-screen TV has been installed on this area also an additional entertainment. This room is filled with the furniture and materials which is artistically made to achieve a very stylish classical mood. The ceiling scheme has been completed with a glamorous set of chandeliers with very nice ceiling carvings and linings. The lighting effect brings out the perfect coziness of the full area.

Classic Bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design

The Luxury Antonovich Design team has been always inspired by creating an exceptional design for the interior and one of the best examples is this Classical Bedroom for the kids. The team always proves that there will be always an amazing creation in every work by following every client's requirement and provide all the best and professional service at the same time.

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