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Children's room interior

Twin Bedroom Design for Kids

The Luxury Antonovich Design managed to create every Luxurious design even for every kid's bedroom. The Interior design Team is always making an extra special design and decorations for every kid's bedroom and bring out the kids personal interest and lifestyle to every implementation. In this very smart way of designing it will always result of having the perfect enjoyment and satisfaction for every kid as they achieve their most perfect space in the house where the can relax and enjoy the area at the same time. This is an example of a Twin bedroom style, which can be also usually found in every luxurious hotel room. Aside from following the instruction from the client, having a Twin Bedroom design will be maximizing the space and effort as we have already come up with the idea to place the beds in one bedroom. It also brings out an extra bonding for the siblings as they will be enjoying one perfect place to have fun and relax.

Twin Bedroom Design by Luxury Antonovich

With the proper combination of the decorative materials, perfect color scheme and nice blending lightings are what makes this bedroom design very wonderful. Even that the area is not that spacious, The interior designer's team has managed to maximize the entire space. Having a very nice and artistic backdrop over the bed is very much precious and creative as the two sets of single bed ways perfectly aligned with very fine fabrics and materials.  A small study area has been placed near the window to have a very nice reception of the lightings from the outside. And yes, the curtains give a very nice reception and blending of the natural lights. The prestigious chandelier has been placed at the center of the bedroom and it gives the extra coziness for the area as it gives the perfect balance of the lights, most especially during the night. This Twin bedroom design only proves that even we have a small area, we can still be able to create an effective interior designing by maximizing the entire space.

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