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Chic family sitting room

The Best Interior Design Solution for Family Sitting Room

Luxury Antonovich Design has the most Creative Interior Design Team which is always inspired performing every unique style decorations most especially in a Residential Project for the Family. As our Interior Design Team is always making sure that every Style that they will be creating is very unique according to the points and requirements that the Client has been instructed. As our Interior Design Team has been proven its Globally competitiveness towards every Successful Work. The skillfull and talented team has been extended their professionalism as The Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been expanded the Business in the USA. This Great opportunity helps a lot as we are now more accessible for the clients in the USA. Creating all the Best Interior Design Solution has been always one of the best goals of the entire team in performing every Project, and with this Wonderful Chic Design Family sitting room the Interior Design Team has been successfully implemented all the creative and Exceptional Design.


Major Components in Creating an Interior Design by Luxury Antonovich Design

•             Development of conception (concept design) of interior design. It includes the development of a design project and the development of a documentation package in compliance with the design project.

•             Conceptual design. We provide variants of designs that illustrate the principles of volumetric and spatial and color organization of each space of the Villa.

•             Visuals of the design project of each space of the Villa with the interior design developed on the basis of the variant selected by the client in the 3D – three-dimensional visualization (3D design of the premises in prospect).

•             Documentation package includes detailed layouts, elevations plans of the arrangement of furniture, sanitary ware, sockets etc., (the list may be extended depending on the design and desires of the NH as well as specification of materials recommended for implementation of the design project (without price).

How We Work

With the very systematically way of planning and arranging the Layout of every project, The Luxury Antonovich design Team has been always making sure about the accuracy of work towards every development of the Project. This Chic Design Family sitting Area, Our Interior design team has been inspired with all the creative and wonderful ideas while sticking up with the points and instructions from the Client. As the Layout has been finalized, the team focussed on every stage of developments for the Interior Design and Decorations that has to be installed and delivered accordingly.

Luxury Antonovich design is always making sure to deliver all the best and world class Interior Design throughout all the Projects and exceed every client’s expectations. Antonovich design is always making sure to deliver all the best and world-class Interior Design throughout all the Projects and exceed every client's expectation.

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