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Baby's room interior luxury

What are the most important features of a baby room?

Important things shall be always prioritizing. It will be needed to baby proof the room (and even the entire house!). Protecting the outlets, drawers, doors, windows, and any sharp edge are a must and there are tons of gadgets. Another important nursery feature is a dedicated space for changing diapers and for keeping handy all the things that will need for that. Babies will probably need diapers for at least two years, so it is better to have furniture that is of good quality (changing diapers in the bed is definitely not a good idea for anyone's back!). Of course, it is also important to have a nice and comfy crib! It is necessary to have a nice comfy crib for the baby and the parents. This very creative interior design has been completed with a very wonderful idea of having a very stylish with full of class Bedroom for the baby. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been always carefully creating every Baby Room with a full focus on safety and comfort.

Choosing the best lighting for your baby room

Lighting is very important for the baby room. First and foremost, controlling the natural light with a pair of nice and heavy curtains for the windows. Another important thing is that to choose a warm and soft light to illuminate the room. For best results, install a dimmer and consider investing on a night light. Moreover, it is of great reputation to consider the need for a heat lamp. This is because babies lose temperature very quickly, especially while they are getting their diapers changed or after a bath.

What is the secret to a perfect baby room?

The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been decorating the room is always a great idea, however keeping in mind that less is more. Also, the team believes that it is better to choose things that won´t be a risk for your baby's health. The Team also advice to avoid small toys, plastic toys, as well as wooden toys with toxic paint.

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