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Apartment design NY

Amazing Interior Design for Apartment in Los Angeles

As part of the global expansion of business of the Luxury Antonovich Design Team, We are very glad to inform all the followers and clients that the Company has been recently open offices in some parts of the USA and Shanghai China. It is now very convenient and reachable for every client to stay connected with the full team. This interior design for an apartment is one of the great examples of how the Luxury Antonovich Design Team is being executed a very project in the most accurate way. One of the best things that the Luxury Antonovich Design team is performing is that they always make sure that the entire interior design and full decoration will be perfectly suits on the location of the project.

Stylish Living Room Interior Design for Apartment in New York

The Luxury Antonovich Design Team is proudly presenting this wonderful design for the living room with full of class and stylish Design. The Interior design team has been performed a very creative style for the living room that comes up to a very unique result. The full area is full of playful design and colorful pieces which has is very unique and stylish. One of the biggest assets of the living room is the huge sized full crystal chandelier that gives an out of this world coziness in the area.

Vibrant Ambience for the Living Room Interior Design

A very nice combination of white, gold and purple is what this creative design of the Living room scheme. From the very artistic design of the floorings, elegant wall decorations and linings up to the well-installed chandelier which is made up of a combination of Metallic gold and crystal. The interior design team has been perfectly executed the very nice design and carvings for the attached cabinets. Selecting the premium class quality of the curtains in what brings the very balanced mood with the colors.

Amazing Interior Design for the Bedrooms for the Apartment in New York

New York is one of the famous Cities in the USA, Even every apartment has the huge occupancy of the area. With this Apprtment Interior Design, The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been perfectly presented how professional can be able to execute every design with its very unique and exceptional result. Just like for every bedroom in this apartment which has different color scheme and theme , however, everything has been well polished accordingly.

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