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Italy furniture Avoilable in Dubai

Italian furniture

Family values will always be timeless and fashion. Dining room - a place where the whole family meet, moments of life are discussed, making important decisions , expressed daring ideas and plans for the future. In fact, a dining room - a unique place of concentration of family energy and warmth. Picture of a family idyll is real if you take into account all the nuances in the selection of Italian dining room furniture. Not accidental that Italian brands are liked this subject of the interior - the Italians appreciate the beauty even in such everyday ritual as eating.

Contemporary Italian furniture - one more reason to invite long-awaited guests.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers a variety of dining room furniture from Italy. We have products such as chic dining sets made from precious wood, carved, gilded, and there is more stringent composition with concise lines and of minimal frillsHere you can find an interesting option for all tastes. The success of your interior - in the right authorship. Italian craftsmen develop an artistic perception of reality since childhood because they grow up in that culture, where chic, style, individuality - the objects of the same necessities as food, air or education. Experiment and track the use of time trends in architecture and design, together with the recognized craftsmen of Italian furniture and interior furniture salon Luxury Antonovich Design.

When planning the purchase of dining room furniture, be sure to consider the opportunity to purchase dining room furniture from Italy. After all, dining room in Italy is of high quality, unique style, and elegance. The art of making furniture, in Italy has very deep roots.

When buying furniture for your dining room should be remembered that the room should be a bright and spacious as possible. Therefore, buy only what you need: a table with chairs, a variety of cupboards and sideboards for the dining room. Create a unique and cozy atmosphere in your dining room with a help of such pieces of furniture, like coffee tables and kitchen tables for a dining room. Despite the fact that these tables are not considered as necessary items in the interior, they can decorate it, because coffee tables produced at furniture factories in Italy, can also be made in any color, and made of different materials, which makes it possible to buy them for dining rooms of any style and direction.

The main piece of furniture in the dining room, of course, is the table. Where is the whole family meets together for lunch, dinner,or different celebrations . But the table cannot be imagined without chairs. Table and chairs can be made of different materials: wood, plastic or glass. It is worth saying that the dining tables and chairs for the dining room from the Italian manufacturers have always been of high quality and unique, compared to other companies, they will surely become inimitable part of the whole dining room.

One of the essential items in the dining room is classic Italian buffets and sideboards. In them, you will be able to store their dinner sets, cutlery, tablecloths, and towels, etc. Also, display cases and cupboards for the dining room of Italian masters production are a real work of art. They can be made in different styles, but always with a good quality and with modern production technologies. Moreover, all expensive, often handed down from generation to generation, crockery, crystal or porcelain, are not intended for everyday use, in these display cases can be presented as an exhibition, that could enjoy and admire the guests.

Almost all the classic Italian dining room furniture is made of wood of rare species (eg, Italian walnut), often - with the use of manual labor. In such furniture, craftsmen create original patterns, often in the form of entire paintings and drawings.

Summarizing, we can say that the Italian dining room fit into the interior of any premises, whether it be an ordinary apartment or a luxury home.At this time there is a replenishment of product catalog and on the website shown only a small part of the range of furniture,which we can offer you.If you have any questions regarding products which are not represented, you can ask your question in our studio or in a cozy setting for a cup of coffee to familiarize with catalogs and samples of materials (finishes, upholstery and so on). Managers Luxury Antonovich Design companies listen to all your wishes and requirements for furniture and together with designers will assist in considering the concept of the interior, choose the right furniture in Italy or other countries.

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