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Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been extended its capacity to provide the full interior design services towards every project, that is why it has been started to open its door and showcased its very own furniture design and production. This is to make sure that every interior design will achieve the outstanding style and decoration that it deserves according to every client's requirements. This Elite Furniture Collection is originally made in Italy – the heart of the furniture style and design with royal style furniture details. This Luxury Furniture Design collection has remained focus on the special details and carvings that contribute to the major design treatment. This collection is very well known for its exceptional design for the joinery works for the cabinets, book shelves, office furniture, bedroom joinery, kitchen joinery, dining room joinery and more.


As part of our expanding furniture production, Luxury Antonovich Design is providing the full services from furniture design, Project management and furniture delivery international. We have a very professional team has the full capacity to manage the Logistic procedures for export and import international. As part of the great value in quality and Style, Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly presenting this Royal Style Furniture Design with great creativity with great attention and focus on quality, reliability, style. As the Top Furniture Store in Dubai, The Luxury Antonovich Design is taking into account the needs of the client as per every requirement. Every Furniture piece comes from the real hardwork of every designer's that made in the optimal color scheme and sustained in its own style.

Luxury Antonovich Design Furniture Production is very well known international as:

— warranty in design and operation;

— High-quality materials, assembly, and decoration (mainly high-quality materials and fabrics used);

— Maximum comfort, because every detail is thought out, ergonomic,

— World-class standards and quality checks in every single unit of production;

— Unique design and luxurious atmosphere for every interior

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