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Who has not heard about Miami, one of the hottest places on earth where you will want to spend not only a weekend, but also your life? This is a city of flashy beauty, luxury, sun and, of course, the most elegant and glamorous houses with incredible stunning design.

The scope of design covers many areas: interior, graphic, visual, industrial, architectural, and others. Today, all these areas are developing rapidly, increasing competition among specialists.

Ordinary people and connoisseurs often discuss the work of Luxury Anronovich Design as the work of world-class designers. In addition to inspiration, this raises the bar to which our team seeks in its own design projects.


Luxury Antonovich Design Corporate Group, headed by Katrina Antonovich, creates magnificent interiors, as well as deals with the subject design: among her works are unique collections of furniture, textiles and home accessories.

Katrina Antonovich, one might say, absorbed her abilities with her mother's milk. The experience gained allowed Katrina to open her own Luxury Antonovich Design studio at young age. The company successfully decorates the interiors of luxury villas in the United States of America, fine restaurants on the coast of Miami, shops and houses.

Now the company is in the top of the most successful interior design companies in the world. Among the company's clients there are many celebrities and public people, as well as non-public clients who love chic, luxury and elegance in the interior.

Each of our works in Miami is a unique opportunity to create without limits, to cooperate with our clients in order to design truly exclusive timeless spaces that will be clearly remembered by our designers and clients and their guests. Luxury Antonovich Design fully engages itself in design process and finding the best solutions. We create projects — spaces that demonstrate a bold design approach, an eclectic subordinate space that combines vintage and new in different design genres.

Katrina and her team do not follow fashion trends, they form fashion itself. A talented design team is experimenting with vintage items that Miami residents value so much, playing with textures and colors. Houses designed by our interior design company are home-like and cozy and at the same time luxurious. Chief designer of the company Katrina Antonovich believes that the interior should tell the guests of the house what its owners saw, whom they loved and where they move further. According to her, the decor makes the room more interesting and harmonious. That is why Katrina pays great attention to details, often combines things from different eras and styles.

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